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    • 4 months supply
      Starting from: $44.95

      BSL CONTROL 500

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      Take control of your life and look beautiful, sexy and slim!

    • 4 months of Drainout
      Starting from: $29.00


      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      A lot more efficient than any other product on the market!

    • 4 bottles of GI PURE
      Starting from: $38.00

      GI Pure

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      All the Fat-burning power of the GI Diet in a capsule!

    • The limited edition book PLUS 5 large bottles
      Starting from: $33.00

      Kennedy and Lambert's ZIPOLEAN

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      Within just a few days, you’ll see a new you in the mirror.

    • 4 bottles of Novotrim
      Starting from: $27.99


      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      It brings you back to your healthy weight once and for all!

    • lose more than 33 lbs easily
      Starting from: $44.00

      Skinly Bio-Algae

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      The unique discovery from Tasmania!

    • lose 60 lbs in 8 weeks
      Starting from: $38.00

      Supractive SMART

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      STOP worrying about your weight RIGHT NOW!

      Starting from: $49.00

      Ultra LipoSlim Advanced

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      Lose pounds and inches as fast as possible!

    • DEAD SEA PATCH: 112 Patches
      Starting from: $43.99

      Dead Sea Patch

      Weight-loss patches

      The Slimming patch that accelerates the body metabolism!

    • Zenapatch Ultra 2.0: The SUPERIOR program
      Starting from: $39.00

      Zenapatch Ultra 2.0

      Weight-loss patches

      Start to enjoy a slimmer, healthier body and a happier new life!

    • 4 bottles of SUPER DRAIN FORMULA capsules.
      Starting from: $42.00

      Super Drain Formula

      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      Now you can lose weight stress free!

    • 10 Weeks Supply of Duotherm caps & gel
      Starting from: $35.99


      Weight-loss Pills and Drinks

      You will slim down mainly where you need it most!