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Satisfied Customer:Pamela Johnson, 34

Read my story: I was always lucky to have my mom’s genes… I never really worried about my weight growing up, and always held a steady size 6 so I really couldn’t complain about my weight problems.

It wasn’t until after my first child did I get a sort of thick tummy around my waistline… my steady size 6 then went to a steady size 8, and at my biggest a size 10.

My friend told me about Duotherm, and in fact I had seen it before, but I honestly never thought diet pills would work,
let alone work on me…
Lo and behold these pictures are a testament to my success story! Not only have I dropped 2 pant sizes, I am now down to a size 4… smaller than I was before I got pregnant for the first time.

I would never normally write a review but I am so happy with the results I felt compelled to share my story. I am never going back to my frumpy sweatpants… I look better than I did in my twenties. Thank you FOMDI!

SHARE YOUR STORY TO WIN! Upload a “before-and-after” photo of yourself and tell us about your experience! 1 in 5 participants will win a $50 FOMDI credit! Rules and Regulations Apply To enter the contest please send us a message through our contact page with your name, the product you used, and two images: your before image and your after image! You are also encouraged to write a short story describing your experience.