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Lose up to 60lbs of fat and cellulite and get 1 FREE BOTTLE and 1 Electronic STEP COUNTER!

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Imagine what your life will be like – being able to eat and drink what you want, when you want, in any quantity you want, without ever having to exercise – and losing weight MORE rapidly than a marathon runner on a calorie restricted diet!

No prepackaged meals, no weigh-ins, no clubs to join, no workouts... none of it. Just weight loss that’s as easy as getting up in the morning and taking one little pill.

The Negative Calorie Pill is made from a 100% PURE, Highly refined, Unique Proprietary Blend of Broccoli powder, Asparagus powder, Carrot powder, Cauliflower powder, Celery powder, Spinach powder, Alfalfa powder, Kidney Bean powder, Beet powder, Kale powder, Spirulina powder and Turmeric powder.

First and foremost, The Negative Calorie Pill will make you lose fat and be thin... and when that happens you will see (and feel) a total physical transformation. All the aches and pains that most people consider a by product of aging, will just disappear. Sore joints – GONE.
Energy levels – SOAR. Heart, lung, brain, kidney health – SUPER BOOSTED... From head to toe – you will look, feel and BE a new person. You will appear in good shape – because you will BE in good shape. GUARANTEED.

1 capsule morning and dinner with a 4 oz glass of water


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