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1 bottle of SAP-4X

1 bottle of SAP-4X


(Rock-hard erections +  size increase)


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IMAGINE FOR A SECOND… You place a sublingual tablet of SAP-4X, you let it melt and all of a sudden you feel something is happening in your private area. A huge release of nitric oxide resulting in a rush of blood in your shaft making it larger and longer by the second. It gets hard to a point where it can’t grow any bigger. Now you are ready for any kind of sex, whether it is with your wife, your girlfriend, a sex partner or simply on your own!

By accessing your bloodstream in a matter of seconds, due to the incredibly powerful sublingual method of absorption, your penis becomes fully erect so fast that you won’t even have time to drop your pants. A rush of blood will supercharge your penis, MAKING IT HARD, BIG AND FULLY READY FOR ACTION.

The active ingredients also work on the external part of your penis; the skin. Your shaft, glans, fenulum, foreskin and even the scrotum will become more elastic, allowing more blood to rush into the penis.

The result: A penis getting larger and larger with every usage!

Science and Nature combined in what experts call “A REVOLUTION FOR ALL MEN OVER 40”!

With his Sublingual Administration method, SAP-4X is 4X more powerful and efficient than any other methods of administration.

Do you know what 4 times more efficient and powerful means for you?

This means that as opposed to every other product on the market today, you will get:

  • Faster and stronger erections
  • True size increase
  • Better sex and orgasms
  • Faster recovery in case you would like to do it again

Take 2 tablets 5 to 10 minutes prior to sexual activity. Place one tablet at a time under tongue and let melt. Do not melt more than one tablet at a time. Tablet should be completely melted before placing another one.

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