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MAXIMUS300: The ULTIMATE Power package

MAXIMUS300: The ULTIMATE Power package
90 Days

Maximus 300

Maximus300: the ultimate power package

MAXIMUS300 - Maximus 300 is an extremely potent Sublingual tablet formulated to provide you with the strongest erections and some serious size increase. The product is actually 300% more efficient due to its revolutionary method of administration: The sublingual administration! The “mucous membrane” (found under your tongue) holds the highest amount of sensors and receivers in the entire human body. When Maximus 300 melts and diffuses naturally in this area, our concentrated formula enters directly in the venous circulation and starts working on your erection by widely opening wide the 2 chambers in your penis and filling them with blood. In contrast, regular pills, capsules or soft gels are subject to pass your entire metabolism before entering the general circulation. Worst still, some so called “miracle products” (for which you might already have paid big bucks for) are simply unsuitable when taken orally because they are completely destroyed by the liver acids or enzymes. Needless to say, their “active” ingredients are not so “active” when it comes to getting an erection! Just like some drugs for cardiovascular problems or serious allergy problems, Maximus 300 is the combination of a powerful formula but even more importantly, an unprecedented way to easily obtain an erection and at the same time, gain some serious size with repeated usage.


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MAXIMUS300: The ULTIMATE Power package

MAXIMUS300: The ULTIMATE Power package

For chronic E.D. problem: you will get rock-hard erections and a huge increase in length and girth .*

+ Get the X-Plode gel ABSOLUTELY FREE (regularly priced at $54.99)

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Why is this Sublingual administration up to 300% more efficient than all others? Only because the connective tissues under your tongue contain an extremely high profusion of capillaries, allowing active ingredients to be diffused instantly. This concentrated formula enters directly in the venous circulation and instantly starts working on your erection (Long lasting) and with repeated usage, provides you with huge size increase.

Guaranteed rock hard erections and guaranteed size increase!! The penis muscles, chambers and tissues are highly expandable. Therefore, a series of powerful erections will give you the results you’re really looking for. With Maximus 300 you’ll see your penis getting as hard as rock and at the same time, it will expand in length and girth after usage.


+Get the X-Plode gel ABSOLUTELY FREE with this package! (regularly priced at $54.99).

This unique gel, when applied gently on penis before sexual activity  (with or without a partner) will give you pleasure that most men never thought possible. It will also triple your semen flow!

Take three (3) tablets prior to sexual activity.

Place one tablet at a time under tongue and let melt. Do not melt more than one tablet at a time. Tablet should be completely melted before placing another one.

This item comes with a 90 day guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, you may return the remainder of the product within 90 days of the manufacturer's ship date and you will be refunded the full product cost (less shipping costs). All reorders are final and non-refundable.

Do not exceed recommended dosage.

Not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18.