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EREXIA TRIAL package (12 patches)

EREXIA Dermal Erection Aid

TRIAL package

(12 patches)

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The brain plays the biggest role in sex. If you are in a bad mood or if you feel tired, it does not recognize sexual desire. EREXIA tunes the brain into sex, eliminating anxiety, shyness, worry and stress. It creates the appetite for love and ignites the flame of desire to have sex RIGHT AWAY, and it sends signals to all body parts so they can prepare.

The nerves have to transport the brain’s signals to notify all body parts that it is time to have sex. All of the nerves communicate with the glands to release sexual hormones, adrenaline for energy and testosterone to prepare the genitals. The nerves also tell the entire body to concentrate on sexual activity: nothing else matters.

EREXIA stimulates blood circulation. This brings hormones to the testicles, but it also makes blood flow in the penis to create a big, hard erection. The muscles inside the penis tighten to keep the erection as hard as a rock and the muscles in the rest of the body fill with energy, ready to have sex for hours.

Apply one patch one patch 20-25 minutes prior to sexual activity to a hairless, clean, dry area of your body. Keep the patch on for a maximum of 6 hours.

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