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30 capsules of Ciatra

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30 capsules of Ciatra


30 capsules of Ciatra (To get strong erections and add inches to your penis size).

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CIATRA blocks the production of a specific enzyme (catalized proteins). Thereafter, sexual stimulation discharges nitrogen monoxide in the erectile tissue automatically activating the erectile mechanism. This is the scientific explanation, but the concrete results are the most solid erections you’ll ever experience!

With CIATRA your erection will be like nothing you’ve experienced before; powerful and made of steel. You will never have seen the veins of your penis swollen like that before.

With CIATRA your penis will also be larger than before, because your erection will be at its very maximum. You will see a noticeable difference on the length of your penis. It will keep on getting bigger every time you use CIATRA®.

With CIATRA you will feel a pleasant feeling of warmth in your testicles and an uncontrollable desire to have sex will submerge you.

For best results, take one (1) capsule 5 to 10 minutes prior sexual activity. The more you use it, the more it works.

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