300% more efficient than any other method of administration!

MAXIMUS300 - Maximus 300 is an extremely potent Sublingual tablet formulated to provide you with the strongest erections and some serious size increase. The product is actually 300% more efficient due to its revolutionary method of administration: The sublingual administration! The “mucous membrane” (found under your tongue) holds the highest amount of sensors and receivers in the entire human body. When Maximus 300 melts and diffuses naturally in this area, our concentrated formula enters directly in the venous circulation and starts working on your erection by widely opening wide the 2 chambers in your penis and filling them with blood. In contrast, regular pills, capsules or soft gels are subject to pass your entire metabolism before entering the general circulation. Worst still, some so called “miracle products” (for which you might already have paid big bucks for) are simply unsuitable when taken orally because they are completely destroyed by the liver acids or enzymes. Needless to say, their “active” ingredients are not so “active” when it comes to getting an erection! Just like some drugs for cardiovascular problems or serious allergy problems, Maximus 300 is the combination of a powerful formula but even more importantly, an unprecedented way to easily obtain an erection and at the same time, gain some serious size with repeated usage.